Wasp Titanium Paramotor

Combine the strength and light weight of a titanium made frame with the comfort and lightness of the APCPO SLT MKII harness and the power of HE engines and you have one of the most agile, powerful and beautifully engineered paramotors on the market today.

The Wasp Titanium is designed for pilots of any ability and stature, male or female, young or not so young. Every component part has been developed or researched, sourced and tested rigorously to give a complete package that is a joy to fly with high power to weight ratios and robust and reliable construction.

Nobody, especially beginners and smaller stature pilots, enjoys carrying a heavy paramotor when foot launching, so the aim from day one was to produce the lightest paramotor rig possible and to enhance the flying experience for everyone.

Try a Wasp Titanium on your back and you will experience the advantages of this gear over other manufacturers who are only concerned about marketing instead total weight and quality on their products.

Optimal engine according to pilot weight:

  •  “HE RVL 125” or “Eos 150 RV4”  70kg to 90 kg ( pilot weight )
  •  “HE RV1 185”  75kg to 115kg ( pilot weight)

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