Wasp Titanium Paramotor + EOS engines

At Wasp Paramotors we combine light weight powerful EOS engines with an innovative and well designed chassis made from titanium and aluminium parts. The result is one of the lightest paramotors combined with the greatest mechanical reliability available today.

Two engine options cover the whole range of pilot weights and power required.

Eos100 Mod 2019

This is the best option for low and medium weight pilots (50kg to 80 kg). This engine is extremely light and reliable and provides 21.6 hp. It s fitted with a clutch and Easy Starter as standard. The engine is very easy to start and lightweight making launches fast and comfortable. The propeller is made of carbon fibre by E-Prop.
The total weight for the Wasp Titanium paramotor with Eos100 MOd 2019 only 19.3 kg.


The second option for pilots weighing between 80 kg and 120 kg is with the more powerful Eos150 which provides 25.7 hp. It too is fitted with clutch and Easy Starter with carbon fibre E-props.
The total weight for the Wasp Titanium paramotor with Eos150 is only 20.5 kg

WaspParamotors  has created a special “low mobile bars system” which provides comfort during the flight, eliminates torque effect and provides greater safety during the take off run.

All Wasp Paramotors are equipped with a large capacity 12 litre fuel tank allowing pilots to enjoy longer or Cross Country flights.

Wasp Paramotors – understated, elegant, simple and solid.

titanium paramotor frame by WASP

The Wasp Titanium Paramotor Frame

Wasp Paramotor Frames have been entirely designed and manufactured in the UK by Robert Ferrero who has flown paramotors since 1997. The frames have been tested with different engines to meet the goals for beginners and advanced pilots alike and in all flying conditions and styles. The structure is strong, light weight, compact, easy to transport,  assemble and disassemble.

Why choose a Wasp Titanium Frame?

  • Total weight for the Wasp “Titanium” frame with swinging arms (low hang points) and 14 litre fuel tank is only 5.4 kg
  • Wasp frames are made of Titanium tubes, aluminium alloy for the swinging arms and stainless steel for the screws.
  • It comes pre-drilled to mount any EOS engine. Also it is possible to accommodate any other paramotor engine on the market with just a few small modifications to the frame.
  • The design of the chassis is unique as it permits very fast assembly and disassembly.
  • The whole frame and engine takes up minimal space. Perfect for transport in cars or even international travel.
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