WASP HEXO PRO   –   Paramotor & Frame

The Wasp Hexo Pro is the latest design 2021 with the goal being to design and produce a robust yet extremely lightweight frame and paramotor,  easy to transport in even the smallest vehicle and very simple and fast to assemble by any pilot in any environment.

The frame stands out as modern and stylish with it’s logical design that contribute with aerodynamic and low drag. It also can perfectly accommodate any make of engine size, weight and shape with a generous space on the mounting area. It is perfect for schools, retailers or personal DIY projects. It weights only 6.8 kg (without harness) and very solid allowing launches with nail wind.

Using a combination of carbon fibre struts, alloy chassis and hoop with custom Wasp push fittings, the Hexo Pro frame ticks all the boxes for the beginner and the experienced pilot.

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