Parafest 2019 was a mixed agenda of demonstrating and promoting the EOS motor and Wasp Paramotors frames, making new contacts and meeting old friends. Plus, of course, the chance to fly.
Good luck placed us next door to Eagles Tribe’s Catalin Benea; a vastly knowledgeable and immediately likeable guy. We had the benefit of seeing his range of items close up and explained in great detail.

Eagles Tribe offers paraglider full kits, wings, harnesses, bags and containers, accessories  and, of particular interest to paramotor pilots, an excellent and competitively priced range of reserve chutes. Also we saw demonstrated an impressive range of flight computers and GPS variometers with some unique features relevant to PPG and again fairly priced.

So fellow aviators do check out and know you are in the hands of an expert pilot and a genuine guy.