Wasp Classic Titanium Paramotor Frame

Wasp has been using this Classic Titanium frame since 2016. It is one of our most popular frames; suitable for a wide range of engines and pilot sizes.
It is extremely strong, simply and quickly assembled, easy to transport and of course, true to our underlying goal … incredibly lightweight.

In 2020 the frame was upgraded from 2-piece to 4-piece hoop for even easier transportation and the diameter is now 145cm to accommodate larger prop sizes.

At only 5.8kg the Wasp Classic Titanium frame, including 13 litre fuel tank and swinging arms, is one of the lightest on the market today.

The anti-torque system on the swinging arms has also been improved to counteract the torque of even the largest, most powerful engines and the lightest of pilots. The new configuration provides an effective anti-torque solution giving an even more comfortable flying experience at all throttle settings. The frame can be configured for both clockwise and anti-clockwise prop rotation.
It comes with engine mounts for : Eos 100, Eos 150, Vitorazzi Atom 80, Vitorazzi Moster, HE 125 MVL, HE 185 MV1, HE 200 MV2

Optional Extras

  • Additional protective netting for the top of the frame
  • Customized swinging arms colours
  • Transport bag for the 4-section hoop

We are proud of our technical data and always publish genuine figures for weight, thrust, horse power and so on. You will find that some other builders tend to be a little “imaginative” with theirs!

Wasp Classic titanium paramotor

Don’t take our word for it, come and try on the Wasp Titanium frame and see for yourself … we’re sure you’ll love it!

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