2020 EOS150 Engine

The 2020 EOS150 is characterized by :

Light Weight & Compact Design

Compared to the competition in the same or similar displacement class, the 2020 EOS150 engine is extremely light and compact utilising only the highest quality materials. Every engine part down to the smallest component is built using with the latest manufacturing methods. Selection and balance of the individual parts ensures a perfect interaction.

The 2020 EOS150 is equipped with the iCi ignition system.

Optimal in Function

The EOS15 engine is very easy to start and is characterized by its quiet and smooth idle running. The carburettor with adjustable Low and High nozzles, together with the unique HIFLOW-SHOT Air-Box, ensures smooth running at all engine speeds, and can be optimally adjusted for different locations, conditions and  altitiudes.

The precision balanced crankshaft, the flywheel and all the axles are machined to precision tolerances and guarantee the lowest possible vibration. The forced cooling system prevents the engine from overheating and allows for long-term operation under full load.

Power & Thrust

Despite the engine’s comparatively small size and low engine weight, the moderate compression is designed for long life and the unit generates optimal thrust and outstanding power.

Quality and Reliability

The well proven engine concept, the use of only the highest quality materials and components, the best workmanship and meticulous assembly guarantee the highest quality and reliability over a long engine lifetime.

2020 EOS150 Engine

This is a new generation of paramotor engine; compact, light weight and reliable power with the great advantage of an easy Flash Starter System and a clutched transmission giving the safety of a propeller that doesn’t spin at idle speed.

Update your paramotor gear or plan your next project with the latest engines for paramotoring.

We are proud of being official dealers for EOS in the UK, offering the best post sale service and maintenance, and 2 years warranty on all our engines.

Why choose an EOS Engine?

  • Ultra light weight
  • Simplicity of design
  • Short build length
  • Low fuel consumption
  • Fan cooling
  • Centrifugal clutch
  • Membrane carburetor
  • Ignition coil with long life span
  • Auto compressor function for easy pull start-up
  • Reliability through Austrian craftsmanship
  • Competitive pricing
  • 2 years mechanical factory warranty.
  • Excellent and reliable after sales support and maintenance service

EOS Easy Starter

The new EASY-STARTER – Hand Starter for EOS 100, EOS 100 Booster ICI and EOS 150 ICI –

Advantages compared to the standard hand starter :

  • less pulling force necessary
  • no compression kickbacks on the hand during the start pull
  • more acceleration for engine startup
  • easier engine startup

How it works

In addition to the return spring, a second spring mechanism is installed, which causes the rotation to be delayed and the pull force to be increased at the same time dampening any compression rebound.

EOS Easy Starter
engine  single cylinder 2 stroke
displacement  154cc
stroke 52.5mm
bore  61mm
gear ratio of belt drive 1:3.5
carburetor membrane Walbro WB 37
spark plug NGK BR9HS, B9HS, BR10HS, B10HS
power 25.7 hp (18,9KW) at 9000 rpm
thrust >66kg / 125cm   >70kg / 130cm prop
starter Pull Cord East Start
cooling fan cooling
average consumption 3.3 – 4l/h
fuel inlet membrane, fiber Reed valve
air inlet HIFLOW-SHOT air box
fuel recommendation unleaded 98 Octane
fuel mixture 2%
2-stroke oil fully synthetic
weight minus exhaust 9.85kg
weight plus exhaust – all complete 12.2kg
exhaust Nickel plated, Carbon silencer
max. build-in length 21cm
dimensions 57 x 34 x 25cm
prop rotation anti-clockwise
recommended  wooden prop CT/E100125V1-2BW 2 blade
recommended carbon prop P&T  2 blade 125cm or 130cm

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