WASP PARAMOTORS – The British Paramotor manufacturer and agents for EOS Engines – APCO Aviation – E-Props

“Wasp Paramotors UK and France combine the power and agility of EOS100 and EOS150 engines with frames of titanium and alloy. The result is some of the lightest paramotors on the market combined with the greatest mechanical reliability”.

WASP Paramotors - agents for APCO Aviation
Apco SLT MKII Harness
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About WASP Paramotors

WASP Paramotors was founded in 2016 by Roberto Ferrero, an Italo -Spanish pilot flying since 1994. The business brings to the market place many years of and a wealth of practical flying and engineering experience.

The ethos is to serve all pilots from the complete novice to the advanced in providing first class service, product, advice and, most crucially, outstanding and fast after-sales support worldwide. Roberto found that these critical factors often lacking from many well known brands and in line with his personal integrity and dedication determined to redress this imbalance. If you have a question or a problem Roberto or his business associate Paul Shotan will always be there to help.

WASP products are designed and built using only the best quality materials, such as Titanium, Aluminium Alloy, Carbon fibre and 3d Printed thermoplastics. We are proud to be partner with APCO Aviation, E-Props, HsCom and main UK dealer for EOS Engines so you know you are buying only the very best, tried and tested accessories and components.

The original WASP designed products are driven by : safety first, practicality, reliability and durability combined with light weight … guaranteed.

Roberto Ferrero

About Robert(o) Ferrero

As a close friend and business partner of Roberto I write this as a genuine and honest testimonial to this man’s skills, integrity and personal values, I wouldn’t have entered into business with him if he fell anything short of 100% in those qualities.

Roberto started designing and building paramotors in 1999 and then introduced and advanced the sport to South America and Spain working alongside market leaders such as Adventure Paramotors (France), H&E (Spain), Radne (Sweden) and lastly EOS Engines (Austria) which he introduced to the UK in 2015 and for who WASP is now the main dealer. Roberto is also one of the ten international pilots testing the new 2020 Quattro 4-stroke engine for EOS.

You will not find a more honest and reliable representative and advocate of the sport anywhere.
Paul Shotan