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Wasp Titanium Paramotors + EOS Engines

Wasp Paramotors combine lightweight powerful engines with an innovative and well designed chassis made of titanium and aluminium. The result is one of the lightest paramotors on the market combined with the greatest mechanical reliabilty.

Wasp Paramotors has created a special “low mobile bars system” which provides comfort in flight, eliminates torque effect and provides greater safety when foot launching and during take off.

All Wasp Paramotors are equipped with a large 12 litre fuel tank, allowing for longer and XC flights

NEW – WASP 4-Section, Titanium Frame 2020

Wasp Paramotors, in association with EOS Engines are dedicated to ongoing improvements in function, design and usability and February 2020 sees the introduction of the eagerly awaited, all new 4-Section Titanium frame.

With more paramotor pilots wanting to fly abroad with their own equipment it was a logical step for WASP to address the issue of transportation, especially when traveling by air. The 4-Section frame now makes it very easy to take your equipment with you however you choose to travel.

The frame is very simply connected within minutes and provides a rugged and reliable protective cage. As always WASP aims to create equipment with light weight and strength combined and our Titanium material and Alloy-Velcro fixing systems ensure the very best of both criteria.

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Two engine options cover the whole range of pilot weights and the power demanded.

EOS 100 ICI mod

The EOS100 Booster is the perfect engine for low to medium weight pilots from 50kg to 80kg. This engine is extremely light and reliable and provides 21.6 hp. It includes clutch and flash starter. Very easy to start and run with during launch. The propeller is carbon fibre by E-Props. Price from £4600

Optional: Tachometer £60

The total weight for the Wasp Titanium Paramotor with EOS100 Booster iCi is only 19.3 kg

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The EOS150 iCi

The EOS 150 iCi is a more powerful engine giving 25.7hp and is ideal for pilots between 80kg and 120kg hp. It too includes the easy starter and clutch with a carbon fibre propeller. Price from £4800

Optional: Tachometer £60

The total weight for the Wasp Titanium Paramotor with EOS150 iCi is only 20.5 kg

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