Paramotors and Flying Training

We have 27 years experience in the sport of paramotoring.

We supply all paramotoring equipment; with the latest engines and frames, one of the lightest paramotors on the market, combined with the greatest mechanical reliability and comfort.

We also offer training, your first step for flying a paramotor.

Our teaching method is precise and adapted to the individual needs and abilities of each student.

Join us at our training base located in beautiful rural France.

Paramotor training in France




Frames features: HEXO Pro TITANIUM
Materials Alloy, Carbon Fibre Titanium
Weight frame
including fuel tank & arms
6.8 kg 5.6kg
Harness APCO MKII ( multi size) APCO MKII ( multi size )
Anti torque compensator Yes: left or right Yes: left or right
Cage diameter 143 cm 143cm
Fuel Tank 9, 12 0r 18 litres  9, 12 or 18 litres
Propeller up to 130cm up to 130cm
Engine Mount HE, Vitorazzi, Eos HE, Vitorazzi , Eos
Colours Customizable Natural titanium
OPTIONS Custom Colour arms & frame
Digital Tacho-Hours on Throttle
Throttle right or left handFuel tank size
Custom colour for arms
Digital Tacho/ Hours on Throttle
Throttle right or left handFuel tank size

All WASP Paramotor Options include:

130 cm carbon fibre E-Props + 9, 12 or 18 Litres Fuel Tank + HE Engine Guarantee 2 years / Eos Engine Guarantee 1 year  

HE Warranty
WASP paramotor prop covers
12 litre paramotor fuel tank
HE MV1-185 paramotor engine
HE MV1-125 paramotor engine
Apco SLT MKII Harness

About us

The WASP creator Roberto Ferrero has been flying PG and PPG since 1994. He has been teaching paragliding and paramotor in different countries around the world and has thousands of flying hours of experience on his back.  He designed many paramotor frames and flying accessories, also he helps with the development of new engines from some of the top brands.

Nowadays based at Vienne, France where he builds Paramotors for the customers and teaches to fly.

WASP products are well know from many years now, mainly in the british community where WASP was based years before.  WASP in the UK is now continued by Paul Shotan, who same as Roberto, provides one of the best customer support with top competitive products.

Our customers around the world are the ones who are proven our quality and experience.

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